Bath & Brush

Pet Grooming Reunion’s bath and brush package includes TWO relaxing warm hydro massage baths with TWO of our all natural shampoos, and conditioner, anal gland expression (included for pets that require it) high-velocity blow dry and fluff dry to loosen any dead hair and to check for bugs, bumps or any other things on or in your pets coat, a full body brush out to remove any loose excess hair, ear cleaning, nail trimming, final touch of a bow or bandana, spritz of perfume or cologne and lots of hugs and kisses.

Mini Groom

Pet Grooming Reunion’s mini grooming package includes the entire bath and brush experience, PLUS a trim up on the feet, face, and tummy to keep them looking prettier and cleaner longer, paw pad trimming (to remove knots, leaves, or other substances), along with a sanitary clean up, and even more hugs and kisses.

Full Groom

This premium full grooming package includes the entire bath and brush experience and mini grooming package. In addition, this service provides a full haircut and styling of the whole body, including breed specific cuts and trims, and/or customized styles, along with a free nail grinding to make nails shorter and smoother, along with extra hugs and kisses. This full grooming package is the most popular package Pet Grooming Reunion offers and is a great value for everything it includes!

50% OFF Options and Addons

Teeth Brushing
regular $10 now $5

Flea and Tick Bath
regular $20 now $10

Nail Grinding Upgrade
regular $20 now $10

Custom Nail Polish
regular $10 now $5

15min De-matting
regular $20 now $10

De-ticking process
regular $2 now $1 each

15min De-shedding
regular $30 now $15

Protective Cat Claw Tips
regular $20 now $10

Nail Clipping Only
regular $30 now $15

Ear Cleaning Only
regular $10 now $5

Specialty Shampoos
regular $30 now $15

Specialty Conditioners
regular $30 now $15


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